For teaching young children perfect pitch. Sing and play with the animals!


Pitch Pets blurb by Dr. Kirsten Robinson EDD 
A neurological based approach to teaching children 2-5+ lifetime listening and learning skills.
This unparalleled approach to musical awareness and appreciation is grounded in: music theory, chant, rhythm, rhyme and song.
Through the introduction of 12 mono-syllabic animals which are so familiar to children any participant could easily recognize these theme anchor symbols which represent each musical note and its corresponding sound. Additionally American Sign Language is woven throughout the program to both activate thinking, diversify instructional modalities to assist children with variant learning styles as well as comprehensively expose children to a. second language.
Children are strategically and intentionally guided through a series of engaging interactive listening activities to help them organically imprint the musical notes sounds, retrieve them from memory to identify them when heard or produce them when they see the animal which represents each note.
This innovative program invites young children to interact creatively with music during the only stage of development when the brain is primed to develop perfect pitch and provides them with research based strategies for musical appreciation and awareness that are typically only introduced to much older children.
While the program could be offered to families desiring their children to develop lifelong music skills and would support the intention to connect children early to music structure and function, it also concurrently offers a unique classroom or private instructional offering for developing and practicing mindful listening and self regulation skills through music. It can be taught one on one or in a compulsory setting. Note recognition is the ultimate goal and children who study with pitch pets in early childhood will easily replace the musical names for notes for the animal names they first encoded the sounds with.